Saturday, May 22, 2010


Whew. I'm here at Maastricht University dorms. What a journey! The flight from GR to O'Hare was worse than O'Hare to Brussels (Belgium). The longer trip was smoother and I was able to sleep. Dare I say I enjoyed that plane ride? It helps that I had a neck pillow, an iPod, and a sleep mask on...
First "good" omen for the trip: We met a couple of very nice Belgium women at O'Hare airport. We compared trips (they took a music tour through Texas). When we told them we were coming to Europe for a month, they said, "Oh much better food there than here." We said, "Oh really?" They said, "Oh not the Netherlands though! Oh no! Belgium." Drat. We are not staying in Belgium. We are staying in the country of windmills and bad food, apparently.
After getting here in one piece, we walked to Hell and back (grocery store and back to the dorms). Then we walked past Hell and back to the bike shop. I'm hot, sweaty, nearing cranky and I hate bikes. Ergo, I will be touring the Netherlands in style... via foot! Some people who were with me and saw how upset I was that I couldn't do the bike thing helped me to feel better about myself. I will be able to maneuver better! I will learn all the good bus routes! I will dominate Europe!!! Pictures to follow when I am not so bloody tired.

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