Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Volunteers Wanted!

Everyday with my students is eventful. I consider small victories breakthroughs. Yesterday I decided that we should learn a bit about Columbus Day. I found a short play on the internet and printed the script. The girls are having a blast! They all claim to hate reading, so I didn't think they would enjoy reading and acting out a play. Well, they had the idea to practice it and perform it during our fundraiser at the end of this month. I'm so proud of them! Some are natural born actors!

Maybe I could get a theatre friend or two to come in and volunteer to help them??? We are a very small and new (and poor) organization and we need all the help we can get. It is amazing to actually find something the girls are excited about. My girls are fantastic but come from rough backgrounds. My organization is helping them to make something of themselves and to see how people can succeed. Any guest speakers at all, not just theatre, would be great. We also always need people to help with things like reading, math, teaching skills (sewing, knitting, etc.). Any takers?

Friday, October 5, 2012

My 10 Girls

My job is pretty amazing. I have 10 African American daughters from 4-6th grade. We are starting to become a family in our little classroom. I made reservations for our first field trip (Orchard) and actually felt like a real teacher. They definitely challenge me, but they also adore me and I adore them. Let me explain our day today:

Morning: I, (Miss Trump) arrive late with a frappe in hand. Students hang out playing crossword puzzles in the activities room while I prepare for the day. I finally let them in about 10 minutes after the start of the school day. (Meh, boss was out of town. The rest of the staff felt pretty relaxed today obviously).

Math: Studied for next week's test.

Writing: Nope. Read "Coraline" instead.


Indoor recess due to the funeral procession outside. We watched "Madeline".

Afternoon: Continued watching "Madeline". I look over and see one girl has taken her tracks (fake hair), stuck it on her chin, and was stroking it like a beard. After a moment of fascination I told her it was creepy and she needed to put it back on her head. She looked like a billy goat. Creepy children.
Then took spelling test. Then "Fun Friday" with a surprise visit with cupcakes and ice cream from the birthday girl's mom, granny, and auntie. Told students to go get plates and silver wear. Girls come back with a soup ladle to dish out ice cream. I go with it. Its Friday.
Finished "Coraline". Students were five minutes late for dismissal because we wanted to finish the book.

That was my day. Not necessarily a typical day, but pretty close.