Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BATMAN!

> On Sunday I explored Maastricht's town square called Vrijthof. It was really cute and very old. The streets are made of cobblestones and the churches are ancient. I explored on my own for awhile and stumbled upon a printing museum called Museum de Historische Drukkerij. There was an artist exhibit there that was really cool even though I have no idea what the tour guide was saying... Later we went out for pizza in Vrijthof and there was an entertainer who looked like a cross between Elton John and Liberache. Some of our group joined the Conga line which was hilarious. My roommate is the one making a funny face. :)

Yesterday we went to class then to St. Pietersburg Caves. The caves were quite a hike but amazing! There were charcoal drawings on the cave walls. The caves were used as hideouts during WWII. Really interesting and cool. I'm enjoying the city but walking everywhere is not so amazing.

I figured out the bus system today while going to and from my placement. I'm going to be working in a 6 year classroom which is the equivalent of 5th grade here in the states. The school I am in is a school that teaches English to children from all over the world. There are about 30 languages spoken by students in that school. I meet the kids tomorrow!

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