Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hypnotist, Baby!

Saturday night I attended a hypnotist show put on by Grand Valley's Panhellenic organization. The hypnotist is Dan Lornitis and he was fabulous! One of my good friends and sorority sisters, Kristen was chosen along with around 10 other students. Lornitis made them do things that were amazing and hilarious but not embarrassing or dangerous. My favorite part had to be when Lornitis told them that they were 5 year olds watching Bambi. When he told them that Bambi's mom just died, everyone cried. Except Kristen. No, my friend was up on stage laughing and clapping her hands in glee. When Lornitis told them they were now watching a remake of Bambi where Bambi's mom doesn't die, Kristen threw a slight fit. I'm thinking this girl needs therapy. Here is a video of Dan Lornitis. The examples shown in the video are essentially what he did at Grand Valley. I would recommend paying money to see this man, so a free concert was extra amazing!

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